Due to multiple inquiries, here is a basic overview of the Green Bay City Council’s discussion tomorrow regarding the potential use of the city’s $5.4 million in excess stadium tax funds. The current proposal $1.2 million for paying off three trust fund loans (to reduce our debt load), $1 million going to economic development projects, $300,000 to replacing lead water pipes, and $900,000 for infrastructure improvements (roads, railroad crossings, Death Star Plans, etc). The remaining $2 million would go to property tax relief, which would be refunded to property/parcel owners. While I have my own opinions on the matter, this post is not an attempt to push any agenda, but simply inform residents. The 3 main points of debate include:
1) This is a sales tax surplus, not a property tax surplus, so should it only go back to property owners?
2) Property Tax relief has been a priority for residents and this is one viable channel to help alleviate the tax burden
3) The refund amount would be less than $100 per property/parcel owner and is that the best long term return on investment?
I appreciate the effort that all of the council members are taking to weigh the pros and cons of the issue as they look to find a compromise and maximize the use the surplus funds. If you have your own opinion and perspective on how the excess funds should be used, please consider politely contacting your district council person to share your perspective. Or, the full City Council will be discussing this issue at tomorrow’s City Council meeting, 7:00 pm, at City Hall.
Posted By: Brian Danzinger