With summer storms, backyard projects, and aging trees, I often get asked if the City of Green Bay still provides FREE curbside pickup of residential brush. The answer is YES. The City of Green Bay will pick up your brush for free (year round by the way) as long as it meets the criteria of being:

  • Branches and limbs from trees must be 3 feet to 8 feet in length and a minimum of 1/2 inch in diameter.
  • Root ball must be removed.
  • Cut ends should be stacked together. Do not pile on sidewalk or in street.
  • Any size whole, natural Christmas tree (without a mounting stand, lights, tinsel, ornaments or disposal bags) will be collected. If you have a flocked tree, please call (920) 448-3535 to make arrangements for removal.

Small or large piles of twigs, stems, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, grass clippings, leaves, corn stalks, hay or straw (baled or not), old mulch, compost materials and small pieces cut from trees will NOT be picked up as brush. However, these items will be picked up during our semi-annual Loose Leaf Collection (which is usually around April and October).

Please note that any brush piles placed to the curb may take up to 4 weeks for the City to collect. If you do not feel like waiting, you can always take your leaves, stems, and clippings to either of our yard waste dumping sites:

For full details regarding yard waste and brush removal, please visit the Green Bay Department of Public Works Page.

Posted by: Brian Danzinger