We are excited to announce the addition of Mr. Luke Brosco to the Celebrity Red Zone Challenge.

Mr. Brosco of the Green Bar Rugby Football Club (GBRFC) Celtics will be joining us for his first Red Zone Challenge and showing us how the fast paced running, dodging, and catching of Rugby will translate in the fast paced running, dodging, and catching of flag football (reminder…no contact Mr. Brosco). Also, someone can finally explain the rules of Rugby to us.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce our second Corporate member in our annual food drive competition. Walgreens will be joining in once again to see if they can defend their two year title! Special thanks to Mr. Tom Bittner and the rest of the Walgreens team for their continued support of our area food pantries and families. A full list of Walgreens drop off locations will be posted the first week of our food drive.

Posted by: Brian Danzinger