I am honored to be part of the 2016 LIFE Study Community Advisory Council, along with other dedicated members of the Brown County community. This endeavor is a partnership between The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, The Greater Green Bay Chamber, and Brown County United Way, who are sponsoring and researching the Leading Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) in Brown County.

The study, a measure of the quality of life in Brown County through analysis of available data, expert opinion and surveys of residents and community leaders, guides the alignment of community resources to achieve the greatest impact. The first Brown County LIFE Study was published in 2011. This current effort will help identify progress and current status after 5 years of community investments and continued community growth.

Joining with the sponsoring partners are two local higher education institutions bringing unique and specialized expertise to perform the work. The St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute will conduct survey work for the study and have initiated
confidential surveys of nearly 900 community leaders and 1,500 scientifically selected households to gather public opinion on the quality of life in Brown County. These surveys include key questions regarding the perception of diversity, opportunity, poverty, education, governmental effectiveness, and other areas of impact within the community. Those surveyed are asked to share their thoughts on a comprehensive series of indicators that measure various aspects of life in the community. As a public servant and as an educator, I am very curious to see what are the current perceptions by the public when it comes to local government and education.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Center for Public Affairs will serve as the research consultant on the project, gathering and examining data related to the indicators and working with local experts to delve further into each area of measurement. The findings will be analyzed by the UWGB Center for Public Affairs, and they will also take the lead in drafting the final report.

The thorough assessment of the community’s strengths and areas of potential improvement will be published in early 2017

Posted by: Team Danzinger